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48" Pipe Wrench, lightweight aluminum 848

36" Pipe Wrench lightweight aluminum 836

Pipe Wrench 24" lightweight aluminum 824

Pipe Wrench 18" lightweight aluminum 818

Pipe Wrench 14" lightweight aluminum 814

2 inch semi-trash pump, Honda GX120 engine

Power-Vee Basic

Kinetic Water Ram - A

3-6ft Telescoping Closet Auger

Easy Rooter Basic

The Model K is an economical and lightweight alternative for cleaning 1 1/4" to 3" lines up to 50ft. Works well on downspouts

The Model R Drain Cleaner is professionally engineered to clean 3"-6" drain lines for distances up to 100ft. The unit features a heavy duty 1/3HP motor,extra large steel tubing frame, and snap-lock tool connectors which eliminates screws rusting or losing a tool in the line. This Model r is set up with a larger 3/4" diameter cable for maximum performance and durability